art of being

between man and nature

The 50th anniversary of the Bepin De Eto winery seems the perfect occasion to pursue the inclination to retrace memories of its history. These memories comprise four motifs – Family, Nature, Culture and Visionariness – all fundamental to the work of the Ceschin family, who have always valued and cared about goodness
and beauty. They have previously organized exhibitions and events, expressing a sensitivity towards the art world, and to mark this important milestone, Bepin De Eto is looking to the future with a clear cultural statement in the present: the 11 launch of the BeArt Space project. Now more than ever, the “art of being” implies restoring a more traditional relationship between man and nature. BeArt Space seeks to do that by using signature photography to draw attention to the value and identity of the landscape of the Veneto region, presenting the beauty of natural scenes and of those in which nature has been organized and shaped by human activity. To use the poetic wonder of art as a means to translate the ethic of respect for the environment into visionariness. In a long-term perspective, BeArt Space will explore the Photography/Landscape dyad, portraying the relationship of nature with architecture, urban planning and work, through the unique viewpoint of Italian and foreign artists, invited to observe and reinterpret the extraordinary beauty of the Veneto region. To mark its 50th anniversary, Bepin De Eto launches this cultural project setting out from its own home turf, presenting the lesser-known side of Francesco Galifi’s photography. His work has always been rooted in research on time and transience, the rhythm of the seasons in the natural landscape, and it embodies the concept of time as duration, continuity and transformation between past and future. A concept that embraces the relationship between man, nature and art, and is thus perfectly in keeping with the identity of BeArt Space, and with the history of a business whose product is inextricably linked with the seasons, the weather and the preservation of the natural landscape.